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The most important thing that we should pay attention to is efficiency, because it determines how long we can swim on the same battery. Many people who want to buy an electric motor are guided by the input power of the engine because engine manufacturers use this parameter as the most important. We should always look at the output power (effective).

Some engines take 10kW of power, but give only 5.6kW of real power, which means 44% power loss. This is very inefficient, that is why performance is only 56%. For comparison, the Karvin engine takes only 6.8kW, and the effective power gives 6kW on the propeller. The difference in efficiency of two engines is 33%, which means that the Karvin engine is 33% more energy-efficient, which allows for longer swimming.

Another very important thing is whether the engine has a transmission. Every engine that has a gearbox is very inefficient which results in a loss of power. Note: Karvin engines do not have transmission, therefore the rotor of the engine rotates at 2,000 rpm without load, as a result of which there is no problem with overheating.

For comparison, smaller motors with transmissions have to run at higher rpm (higher current consumption), and then use transmissions to reduce them to obtain power on the propeller. Please note that motor transmission can be damaged.

Please observe where in the outboard you will find the motor and inverter, because they are the elements that must be cooled. Passive cooling is the ideal solution if the motor and inverter are under water (bottom part of outboard). Many manufacturers put motors and inverters in the upper part of the casing and must pump the water to cool them. The pump is the next element like a transmission that can be damaged. This cooling method is not very effective.

Another feature is the voltages on which motors can operate. Most of the motors can work only on one tension.
The Karvin 6800 engine can operate on three voltages. Examples:

48V voltage - max. power 24 hp
36V voltage - max. power 18 hp
24V voltage - max. power 12 hp

As you can see with this function, we can regulate the engine power.

The Karvin motor can be controlled remotely, has computer, stepless forward and backward movement. Karvin can also be controlled using the keyboard.
Karvin has a remotely controlled key with an immobilizer, a stainless steel screw and it is completely made of aluminum. Karvin engines are covered by a 2-year commercial warranty.

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